What Are Some Ballet Terms?


Ballet is an art form that has been around for centuries and continues to be a popular form of dance today. Ballet is characterized by graceful movements, intricate footwork, and the use of classical music. Although it can be quite complex, there are some basic ballet terms that everyone should know.

Plié: This is a French word meaning “bent” or “flexed”. In ballet, a plié is used to indicate when the knees are bent while in a standing position. This helps create a smooth transition between movements and also allows dancers to gain momentum for jumps and other more complex steps.

Relevé: Relevé is another French term meaning “raised” or “lifted”. This is when the dancer rises up onto their toes in one fluid motion. It can be used to start or end many different steps and movements in ballet, so it’s important for dancers to practice this movement until they can do it with ease and grace.

Grand Jeté: A grand jeté is a large leap across the stage with one leg extended out in front while the other leg remains bent behind. It takes a lot of strength, balance, and control to properly execute a grand jeté, but when done correctly it can look very impressive!

Pirouette: A pirouette is one of the most iconic steps in ballet and involves spinning around on one foot while keeping the other leg extended out straight in front of you. Dancers must use their core muscles to stay balanced as they spin and should focus on keeping their arms held out gracefully at all times.

Arabesque: An arabesque is when one leg extends straight back behind you while the other leg remains bent in front with your arms held up above your head. This position not only looks beautiful but also helps give dancers better balance as they move across the stage.

These are just some of the many ballet terms that all aspiring dancers should know before they start taking classes or performing on stage. By understanding these basics terms, dancers will be able to better comprehend what their instructors are teaching them which will help them improve faster!

In conclusion, knowing some basic ballet terms can help any aspiring dancer improve faster by understanding what their instructors are teaching them! From pliés and relevés to grand jetés and pirouettes – mastering these basic concepts will open up a world of possibilities when it comes to learning this beautiful art form!