What Are the 5 Ballet Moves?


The five ballet moves are the five basic steps that form the foundation of any ballet routine. Ballet is a type of dance that incorporates grace and poise with precise, controlled movements.

To be able to perform any ballet routine, a dancer must master the five basic ballet moves: plié, relevé, tendu, pas de bourrée, and jeté.

Plié: Plié is a French term meaning “bent” or “to bend.” It is an important move in ballet because it helps the dancer warm up their muscles and prepare them for more difficult moves.

The plié is performed by slowly bending the knees while keeping the spine straight and pushing the hips back. The arms are kept extended away from the body while keeping them close to the ears.

Relevé: Relevé is a French term meaning “raised” or “to raise.” It is used to transition from one movement to another and also increases strength, balance, agility, and coordination.

It starts with a plié but instead of bending down into it, you rise up onto your toes and hold for a few seconds before returning to your starting position.

Tendu: Tendu is a French term meaning “stretched” or “to stretch.” This move helps dancers to increase flexibility by stretching their leg muscles and working on their turnout.

It involves extending one leg out in front of you while keeping it close to the floor with your toes pointed before bringing it back into your starting position.

Pas de Bourrée: Pas de bourrée is a French term meaning “step of bourrée.” This move involves taking three small steps in quick succession which helps increase agility and coordination while also building strength in both legs. The first step is taken with one foot crossing behind or in front of the other followed by two small side steps.

Jeté: Jeté is a French term meaning “thrown” or “to throw” and it gives dancers an opportunity to practice leaping high into the air from one leg before landing on both feet at once. It’s performed by starting off with a plié then quickly jumping off one foot as you throw your other leg out in front of you.


The five basic ballet moves are essential for any dancer who wishes to perform ballet routines gracefully. Mastering these steps will not only help you become more proficient as a dancer but will also help you build strength, balance, agility, coordination, and flexibility which are all key elements of successful dancing.

What Are The 5 Ballet Moves? They are Plié, Relevé, Tendu, Pas de Bourrée and Jeté – each providing an important foundation for any aspiring ballerina!