What Are the 7 Basic Movements of Ballet?


Ballet is a form of artistic dance that originated in the late 15th century in Italy. It has since become a beloved art form, known for its graceful movements, technical precision and elegant style. Ballet has seen many changes over the centuries, but at its core are seven basic movements that have shaped ballet and continue to be used today.

Plié is the first of the seven basic ballet movements, meaning “bent” in French. This movement is used to prepare the dancer for jumps and turns and involves flexing of the knees while keeping the upper body upright. Plié can be performed while standing or while moving across the floor.

Relevé is a move in which a dancer rises onto their toes using muscular strength and control. Relevé can be used to transition between steps or as an emphasized movement on its own.

Battement, meaning “beat” in French, is a movement in which one foot strikes out from the body while keeping balance on both feet. It can involve alternating legs or both legs together, depending on the choreography.

Adagio is a slow-moving ballet move that requires extreme control from dancers as they move through deep pliés, leg extensions and balances with grace and poise.

Grand Allegro, meaning “big jump” in Italian, refers to large jumps such as grand jetés or tour en l’air, which involve traveling through the air from one point to another before landing gracefully back on two feet.

Petit Allegro, meaning “small jump”, consists of smaller jumps like sauté arabesques or assemblé sequences where dancers travel across the floor with quick steps that require control and speed.

Pirouette, also known as a turn, involves spinning around multiple times on one foot before landing back on both feet with grace and poise. Pirouettes are among some of the most difficult moves in ballet due to their technical precision and ability to maintain balance throughout multiple revolutions without losing momentum or control of your body weight.Conclusion:

The seven basic movements of ballet are plié, relevé, battement, adagio, grand allegro, petit allegro, and pirouette.

Each movement requires precise technique and skill to perform properly and contribute to what makes ballet such an amazing art form. With practice and dedication even beginners can learn these basics of ballet quickly and progress into more complex steps with ease!