What Are the Different Fairies in Sleeping Beauty Ballet?


The Sleeping Beauty ballet is one of the oldest and most beloved ballets performed today. Based on the classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault, it tells the story of Princess Aurora, who is cursed to fall asleep for a hundred years until awakened by a prince’s kiss. Throughout the ballet, audiences are introduced to a variety of fairies who bring magic and enchantment to the stage.

The main fairies featured in the ballet are Lilac Fairy, Carabosse, and The Sixteen Fairies. The Lilac Fairy is Aurora’s protector, and she casts a good spell that softens Carabosse’s curse so that Aurora will only sleep until awoken by true love’s kiss.

Carabosse is an evil fairy who curses Aurora with a sleeping spell when she is not invited to her christening. The Sixteen Fairies are good fairies tasked with bestowing gifts upon Aurora at her christening.

Lilac Fairy:

The Lilac Fairy is often portrayed as wise and powerful. She is always dressed in white or pink and carries a wand or staff as her symbol of power. She has magical powers that can help break Carabosse’s curse and restore peace and harmony to the kingdom.


Carabosse is an evil fairy who casts a sleeping spell on Princess Aurora when she is not invited to her christening ceremony. She often wears black or dark colors to signify her malicious nature. She wields a magical wand with which she casts spells on unsuspecting victims.

The Sixteen Fairies:

The Sixteen Fairies are benevolent fairies tasked with bestowing gifts upon Princess Aurora at her christening ceremony. They often wear colorful costumes and carry wands or staffs like those of the Lilac Fairy. Each fairy has their own gift they bestow upon Aurora – some bring beauty, grace, intelligence, happiness, etc.

The Sleeping Beauty ballet brings together these diverse characters to create an enchanting story full of magic and beauty. Each fairy has their own unique role in the story that adds charm and wonderment for audiences everywhere.

Conclusion: In conclusion, there are three different fairies featured in Sleeping Beauty Ballet – The Lilac Fairy, Carabosse and The Sixteen Fairies – each bringing their own unique characteristics to the story through various magical abilities such as casting spells or bestowing gifts upon Princess Aurora. These characters add charm and wonderment for viewers everywhere as they enjoy this timeless tale.