What Are the Jumps Called in Ballet?


Ballet is an art form that has been around for centuries, and it requires a great deal of skill, training and dedication to master. One of the most important elements of ballet is the jumps – sequences of quick jumps in rapid succession that create a stunning effect.

Grand Jete – This is one of the most iconic jumps in ballet. It involves leaping from one foot to the other, with both feet in releve (on pointe or demi-pointe).

The dancer then pushes off from the floor with their back leg while pulling their front leg into a high grand battement (a kick). This jump requires extreme strength and flexibility, making it one of the most difficult jumps to master.

Pirouette – Another classic move, this involves spinning on one foot while keeping the other leg extended in the air. It can be done either on pointe or demi-pointe, depending on what style of ballet is being performed. The dancer must maintain perfect balance while spinning at high speeds, requiring intense technique and control.

Assemblé – This jump begins with a simple leap from one foot to the other. As soon as both feet are off the ground, however, they are brought back together to land in perfect alignment with each other. This jump can be done either on pointe or demi-pointe, and is often used as a transition between steps or as an ending flourish for a dance routine.

Cabriole – This impressive move combines two leaps: first a grand battement (a high kick) and then a grand jete (a long leap). The dancer pushes off with their back leg to propel themselves into a high kick before landing into a grand jete; this move requires extreme strength and skill as well as impeccable timing and control.


Ballet is full of stunning jumps that require hard work and dedication to master. From grand jetes to cabrioles, each jump has its own unique characteristics that must be perfected if they are to look graceful when performed onstage. With practice and patience, even novice dancers can learn these beautiful moves and wow audiences everywhere!