What Are the Names of Ballet Moves?


Ballet is an art form that involves graceful and elegant movements of the body combined with music. Ballet moves are often referred to as steps and they include a variety of different techniques, from simple footwork to complex jumps.

Ballet steps have been around for centuries and have been refined over the years to become an integral part of any ballet performance. Knowing the names of these steps is essential for any aspiring dancer or choreographer.

The basic ballet move is called a plié, which is a bending of the knees that allows for a smooth transition between steps. Other basic moves include tendu, relevé, pas de bourrée, jeté and sauté.

Each of these has its own specific technique and style, which can be combined into more complex combinations. For example, a grande jeté is a jump that begins with one leg in plié position before being launched into the air with both legs extended outward.

More advanced ballet moves include pas de chat, fouettés, glissades and saut de basque. Pas de chat involves leaping onto one foot while swinging the other foot outward in an arc above the head.

Fouettés involve rapidly whipping one leg around in circles while maintaining balance on the other leg. Glissades involve sliding one foot across the floor while leaping to switch feet in midair. Saut de basques are jumps in which both feet are launched off the ground at once.

Pirouettes are another common move that involve spinning on one foot while keeping balance on both feet throughout. Pirouettes may be done in either direction – clockwise or counterclockwise – and can be done either slowly or quickly depending on preference and skill level.

Arabesques, meanwhile, are figures performed by extending one leg behind or above the body at an angle. It may also be done with arms extended outward to create a beautiful line throughout the body.

Ballet requires considerable dedication and practice to master each step properly. Knowing what each move is called is just as important as practicing them over again until they become second nature.

In conclusion, ballet moves have been around for centuries and come in many forms from simple footwork to advanced leaps and turns. Knowing their names is essential for any dancer or choreographer as it allows them to communicate more easily about different techniques used in their work.

Conclusion: What Are The Names Of Ballet Moves? Ballet moves come in many forms from simple footwork such as pliés to more complex leaps such as grande jetés and pirouettes. Knowing their names is essential for any aspiring dancer or choreographer so they can communicate effectively about these techniques used in their work.