What Are the Prerequisites for AP Art History?

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AP Art History is a course offered to high school students interested in the history of art. It is a great way for students to learn about the development of art through the ages, and gain a greater appreciation for the artwork they may have seen in museums or galleries. The course covers topics like art movements, individual artists and their works, art criticism, and much more.

In order to take AP Art History, students must first meet certain prerequisites. First and foremost, they must have taken a course in world history or art history prior to enrolling in the AP class.

This ensures that students have some basic knowledge of the subject material before diving into more advanced topics. Additionally, most schools require that students have at least a C average in their humanities classes before taking AP Art History.

In addition to these academic requirements, many schools also ask that students demonstrate an interest or aptitude for artistic pursuits before taking an AP class like Art History. For example, they may need to provide proof that they have taken elective classes in areas such as drawing or painting, or show evidence of participating in extracurricular activities related to art like visiting galleries or working on creative projects. This requirement is meant to ensure that those who take the class are genuinely interested in learning about art.

Conclusion: To take an AP Art History course, high school students must meet certain prerequisites such as having prior knowledge of world history or art history and having a C average in their humanities classes. Additionally, many schools require evidence demonstrating an interest or aptitude for artistic pursuits.