What Are the RAD Ballet Levels?


The RAD Ballet Levels are part of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) graded syllabus. This system is designed to ensure that students progress in their studies in a safe, consistent and enjoyable way. The RAD syllabus caters for a variety of levels, from the very young beginners to advanced dancers.

Primary Level: This level is for children aged 6 to 8 years old who are just starting out in ballet. Primary classes have a fun and creative atmosphere which encourages exploration and imagination. These classes focus on developing the fundamental ballet technique such as basic steps, musicality and coordination.

Grade 1-3: Grade 1-3 ballet classes are perfect for students aged 8 to 11 years old who want to further their knowledge of ballet technique. These classes introduce students to more complex steps as they continue developing their basic technique learnt in primary classes. They also learn how to use performance skills such as facial expression, posture and movement quality while performing steps.

Grade 4-5: Grade 4-5 classes are designed for students aged 11 years and older who have mastered the basics of ballet technique and are ready for more difficult exercises. This level focuses on refining technique, developing strength and introducing more complex steps such as smaller jumps and turns.

Grade 6-8: Grade 6-8 classes are suitable for dedicated dancers who have already mastered technical aspects of ballet at lower levels. These classes introduce even more challenging steps, as well as strengthening exercises which prepare students for pointe work if they choose to pursue it later on in their career.

Conclusion: The RAD Ballet Levels provide a structured pathway for beginner dancers through to advanced levels, allowing them to progress safely and at an appropriate pace while still enjoying their dancing experience. With this system, dancers can develop versatile skills that will stay with them throughout their lives both on stage and off stage.