What Are the Ribbons on Ballet Shoes Called?

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The ribbons that are tied around the ankles of ballet shoes are called “pointe shoe ribbons”. These ribbons have been used for centuries, and they have become an essential part of a ballerina’s costume.

Pointe shoe ribbons provide a secure, yet flexible fit around the ankle. The ribbon is usually made from satin or grosgrain material, as these materials provide good grip and durability. The material also allows the dancer to tie the ribbon in a neat bow at the back of the ankle for added support.

The purpose of pointe shoe ribbons is twofold: firstly, they provide additional support for the dancer when en pointe, and secondly, they create a pleasing aesthetic look to complete their costume. When tied correctly, pointe shoe ribbons can give dancers a more graceful look on stage – which is why it is often referred to as the ‘jewel’ of ballet!

Pointe shoe ribbons can come in various colours – often matching the colour of the dancer’s costume. They also come in different lengths, depending on how much ankle support is required by each individual dancer. Professional dancers tend to use longer length ribbons as they need extra support when performing difficult moves on pointe.

In addition to providing extra support while en pointe, these ribbons also add a touch of elegance and style to any performance. A ballerina wearing beautiful pointe shoes and delicate ribbons can be seen as a symbol of grace and poise – something that has been admired since ballet first began centuries ago!

In conclusion, ‘pointe shoe ribbons’ are an important part of any ballerinas costume – providing both practical support for their feet while en pointe, as well as making them look more graceful on stage with their delicate bows! What’s more, with so many styles and colours available, these ribbons can be tailored to suit each individual dancer’s needs and taste perfectly!


What Are The Ribbons On Ballet Shoes Called?

The ribbons that are tied around the ankles of ballet shoes are called “pointe shoe ribbons”. These specialised ribbon ties provide essential support while en pointe and also add an aesthetic touch to any performance – making them an integral part of any ballerina’s costume!