What Are the Shoes Called in Ballet?

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Ballet is a centuries-old art form that has been performed on stages around the world. Although the style and steps may have evolved over time, the classic ballet shoe remains an essential part of the performance.

There are several types of shoes worn in ballet and each has a distinct purpose.

Pointe Shoes

The most iconic type of ballet shoe is the pointe shoe, which is designed to provide support and stability for dancers who perform on their toes. The toe box of a pointe shoe is made from hard materials such as paper or glue, while the shank underneath provides additional support.

Pointe shoes usually have ribbons and elastics to help keep them securely in place on the dancer’s feet.

Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are also known as ballet slippers or character shoes and are used for more relaxed dances such as pas de deux or adagio. These shoes feature soft leather uppers and flexible soles to allow for maximum movement while still providing support and cushioning. Flat shoes come in many different colors, including black, pink, tan, white, and even metallic shades.

Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes are similar to flat shoes but they typically have thicker soles made from non-slip rubber material. This makes jazz shoes ideal for fast-paced dances such as jazz or hip-hop where quick movements are required. Jazz shoes also provide extra shock absorption which helps to protect the dancer’s feet from injury.


The three main types of shoes worn in ballet are pointe shoes, flat shoes, and jazz shoes. Each type serves its own purpose in helping dancers perform their best on stage while keeping them safe from injury. No matter which type of shoe you choose to wear for your performance, it is important that you take care of your ballet footwear by cleaning them regularly and replacing them when necessary so that you can always look your best while dancing!