What Are the Top 10 Ballet Companies in the US?


Ballet has been a popular form of entertainment and art for hundreds of years. It is a beautiful, intricate and highly technical dance form that requires immense skill and dedication to master. It is also one of the most competitive forms of dance, with many dancers vying for their place in some of the top ballet companies in the US.

The top ten ballet companies in the US are as follows: American Ballet Theatre (ABT), New York City Ballet (NYCB), San Francisco Ballet (SFB), Joffrey Ballet, Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB), Houston Ballet, Miami City Ballet (MCB), Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (AAADT) and The Washington Ballet (TWB).

American Ballet Theatre is one of the most renowned ballet companies in the world. Founded in 1939 by Lucia Chase and Richard Pleasant, ABT has grown to become one of the foremost ballet companies in the US.

ABT performs an extensive repertory from classical to modern works. Their current artistic director is Kevin McKenzie.

New York City Ballet, founded by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein in 1948, is considered to be one of the best ballet companies in America. NYCB has a strong repertory that includes both classical ballets as well as new works by some of the most renowned choreographers today. Their current artistic director is Peter Martins.

San Francisco Ballet, founded by Adolph Bolm and Helena Modjeska in 1933, is known for its vibrant production style which combines both classical technique with contemporary innovation. SFB has produced many world-renowned ballets such as Don Quixote and Romeo and Juliet over its long history. The current artistic director is Helgi Tomasson.

Joffrey Ballet, founded by Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino in 1956, is one of the most innovative ballet companies in America today. Joffrey’s repertoire includes both classic ballets like Swan Lake as well as cutting-edge contemporary works such as Billboards featuring music from Prince.

Boston Ballet, founded by E. Virginia Williams in 1963, is known for its diverse production style which often combines classical technique with modern innovations such as multimedia elements or theatrical lighting effects. Boston’s repertoire includes classic ballets such as The Nutcracker and modern works like Christopher Wheeldon’s After The Rain.

Pacific Northwest Ballet , founded by Kent Stowell and Francia Russell, was established in 1972 with a mission to bring world-class ballet to Seattle audiences every year. PNB produces a variety of works ranging from classical full-length ballets such as The Sleeping Beauty to more contemporary pieces like Nacho Duato’s White Darkness.

Houston Ballet , established by Nina Popova in 1969, has been praised for its commitment to providing audiences with high quality performances ranging from classics like Swan Lake to new works such as Stanton Welch’s La Bayadère.

Miami City Ballet , established by Edward Villella in 1985, has been lauded for its commitment to bringing audiences fresh interpretations on classic ballets like Giselle or Romeo & Juliet while also producing new works like Justin Peck’s In Creases.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater , established by Alvin Ailey himself back in 1958, stands out from other ballet companies through their unique blend of African-American culture with traditional modern dance techniques that have made them internationally acclaimed since their inception.

The Washington Ballet , founded by Mary Day back in 1976, strives each season to bring audiences an eclectic mix of both traditional classics such as Cinderella or Don Quixote alongside contemporary pieces like Septime Webre’s Nutcracker..

Conclusion: These top ten ballet companies are some of the best places to experience world-class performances each season while also fostering young talent who are passionate about dance through their various training programs offered at each location around America. Each company stands out through their own unique style that reflects both classical tradition combined with innovation which helps make them some of the best places for aspiring dancers looking for opportunities within this field.