What Are Types of Digital Art?

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Digital art is a form of art created using digital technology. It is often used in modern art, design, and media. Types of digital art include digital painting, 3D modeling, motion graphics, digital photography, and more.

Digital Painting

Digital painting is an art form that uses digital tools such as a stylus or a tablet to create works of art. This type of digital art can be used to create traditional-style paintings or more abstract works. Digital painting allows the artist to experiment with color and texture without the need for physical materials.

3D Modeling

3D modeling is a type of digital art that involves creating three-dimensional objects using specialized software. The artist uses the software to manipulate vertices and polygons to create complex shapes and textures. 3D models can be used for animation, video games, product design, and more.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animations created with special effects and other techniques to create dynamic visuals. This type of digital art can range from simple moving text or logos to complex scenes and characters. Motion graphics are often used in film, television commercials, music videos, websites, and video games.

Digital Photography

Digital photography is the practice of capturing images digitally rather than on film or paper prints. Digital cameras allow photographers to manipulate images in ways that were not possible before the advent of digital technology. Digital photographs can be edited after they have been taken by adjusting color levels or adding effects such as blurring or distortion.


What Are Types of Digital Art? There are many different types of digital art including digital painting, 3D modeling, motion graphics, and digital photography. Each type has its own unique set of tools and techniques that can be used to create stunning works of art both digitally and in physical form.