What Can I Be if I Study Art History?

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Art history is an exciting field of study that focuses on the development and interpretation of works of art from different historical periods. The study of art history allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the various cultures and societies that have produced artistic creations throughout the centuries. It is a field that requires both intellectual and creative skills, as it involves examining visual evidence, analyzing texts, and engaging in critical debates about art and its meanings.

Studying art history can open up a variety of career opportunities. Individuals who pursue an undergraduate degree in art history may find themselves employed in museums, galleries, auction houses, libraries, or other related institutions. Those with graduate degrees often find jobs as curators, art critics, conservators, archivists, or professors.

Those who enjoy working with people may want to pursue a career as an art gallery director or dealer. Art gallery directors oversee the management of galleries and exhibitions; they also coordinate the purchase and sale of artwork. Art dealers are responsible for locating artwork for private clients or galleries; they also serve as intermediaries between buyers and sellers.

Individuals who are passionate about research may be interested in pursuing a career as an academic in the field of art history. Professors typically develop courses related to their area(s) of expertise; they also conduct research and publish articles. Academic positions often require applicants to hold advanced degrees such as a Doctorate or Masters in Art History.


In conclusion, studying art history can open up a variety of career paths for those interested in this field. From gallery directors to academics, there are many options available for those seeking to pursue a career in this fascinating subject matter. With dedication and hard work, individuals who study art history can continue to learn new things about our world’s rich cultural heritage.