What Can I Do With an AA in Art History?

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An Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Art History is a great way to open up a new world of possibilities in the art world. It provides an introduction to the history, theory, and critical analysis of art and culture, giving you the tools to explore, appreciate, and understand artwork. With an AA in Art History, you can pursue careers in education, curation, conservation, and more.

Education: Those with an AA in Art History can pursue careers in education. This includes teaching art history classes at the high school or college level. You can also become a museum educator or a gallery guide and provide information about artwork to visitors.

Curation: An AA in Art History also prepares you for a career as a curator at museums or galleries. As a curator you will be responsible for acquiring works of art for exhibitions as well as researching and writing about them for catalogs or other publications. You will also help plan exhibitions, work with conservators to ensure artwork is properly displayed and cared for, and provide tours to visitors.

Conservation: Those with an AA in Art History may also be interested in conservation science. Conservation scientists analyze the physical properties of works of art from paintings to sculptures so that they can be properly preserved for future generations. They use scientific methods such as X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and ultraviolet imaging to assess the condition of artwork and determine what treatments are needed for preservation purposes.

Art Criticism: With an AA in Art History you can also pursue a career as an art critic. As an art critic you will review exhibitions and write critiques that are published on websites or in magazines or newspapers. This requires knowledge of both current trends in the art world as well as historical perspective on artwork throughout different eras.

Conclusion: An Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Art History provides many opportunities including teaching art history classes at high school or college level, becoming a museum curator or educator, working with conservators to preserve artwork for future generations, or pursuing a career as an art critic. With this degree you will have all the tools necessary to explore and understand artwork from different eras so that it can be properly appreciated by current generations!