What Do Movie Theater Attendants Do?

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Movie theater attendants are responsible for ensuring that customers have an enjoyable and safe experience when visiting the movie theater. This includes greeting customers, providing them with ticketing services, helping them find the correct auditorium, and assisting with any other requests.

Additionally, attendants must be able to anticipate customer needs and respond to any complaints or questions in a professional manner.

Attendants must be knowledgeable about all aspects of the theater’s operations. They should be able to answer basic questions about show times and ticket prices as well as more complicated queries regarding seating options or special offers.

Attendants must also be well-versed in the theater’s policies and procedures so they can answer customer inquiries quickly and accurately.

Movie theater attendants are also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the theater. This includes sweeping floors, wiping down seats, restocking concession stands, and cleaning restrooms. Attendants may also need to help set up special events or assist with promotional activities on behalf of the theater.

In addition to operational duties, attendants may also be responsible for handling cash transactions or operating point-of-sale systems such as ticket kiosks. A strong understanding of mathematics is necessary for this role as it requires being able to calculate change correctly for customers.


Movie theatre attendants play an integral role in providing a great movie going experience by attending to patrons’ needs, being knowledgeable about all aspects of theatre operations, maintaining cleanliness levels in the theatre and handling cash transactions correctly. The combination of these skills makes them a valuable asset to any movie theatre.