What Do You Wear Under a Leotard Ballet?


What Do You Wear Under a Leotard Ballet?

When it comes to ballet, leotards are a must-have item. Not only do they provide the perfect Silhouette for any dancer to show off their technique, but they are also incredibly comfortable and provide a range of movement that allows dancers to move freely and with ease. But what do you wear under a leotard?

The most common answer is to wear nothing underneath. This is because leotards are designed to be tight-fitting and provide a layer of protection against chafing, as well as keeping the body warm. However, if you’re feeling particularly self-conscious or want some extra coverage then wearing form-fitting underwear can help.

It’s important to make sure the underwear you choose is lightweight and breathable so that it doesn’t add bulk or stop you from moving freely in your leotard. Cotton briefs are ideal, as they absorb moisture and keep your skin feeling fresh throughout class. If you have particularly long legs then it can be worth investing in high waisted briefs for extra coverage.

If you’re worried about keeping your modesty during lifts or other movements then wearing a pair of shorts or culottes over your leotard can be beneficial. These should be light enough that they don’t restrict movement, but still provide an extra layer of coverage if needed.

Finally, it’s important to always wear clean underwear during class as this will help prevent bad odours and stop sweat from building up too quickly on your skin. It’s also important to make sure all of your clothes fit correctly – ill fitting items will not only restrict movement but can also lead to painful chafing which no one wants!


In conclusion, what you choose to wear under your ballet leotard is entirely up to you – some dancers prefer nothing at all while others prefer some extra coverage in the form of briefs or shorts. Whatever you decide just make sure it fits correctly, keeps you comfortable throughout class and doesn’t interfere with any movements or jumps!