What Does an Usher Do at the Movie Theater?

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Ushers at movie theaters are responsible for a variety of tasks necessary to provide theatergoers with an enjoyable experience. Ushers typically greet guests, check tickets, and show them to their seats. They also help keep the theater clean, assist with concessions and answer questions.

Ushers usually work at the box office when they first arrive at the theater. They check tickets and direct guests to their designated seats. Often, they’ll explain the theater’s policies regarding noise and other disruptions during the movie. Ushers will also sometimes escort guests that require assistance to their seats.

Ushers are responsible for keeping the theater clean during a showing.

This includes sweeping up popcorn and candy wrappers as well as refilling candy bins when needed. They also make sure that all exits are clear and that no one is blocking them in case of emergency.

At many theaters, ushers are responsible for running the concessions stand during movies. Depending on the theater, this may include selling popcorn, candy, soda, and other snacks or drinks. Ushers must be able to calculate change quickly in order to serve customers efficiently.

Ushers are often expected to answer questions from patrons regarding movie showtimes or theater policies. They should be knowledgeable about these topics in order to provide accurate information in a polite manner.

In conclusion, ushers play an important role in ensuring that moviegoers have an enjoyable experience at the theater. Ushers greet guests, check tickets, show them to their seats, keep the theater clean and run concessions as needed. They also answer questions from patrons about showtimes and policies.