What Episode of I Love Lucy Is the Ballet?


I Love Lucy is one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time and continues to be a classic today. The show follows the lives of Lucy Ricardo, her husband Ricky, their best friends Fred and Ethel Mertz, and their landlord, Little Ricky.

One of the most memorable episodes in the series is “The Ballet.” This episode aired on October 8th, 1956 and was written by Jess Oppenheimer and Madelyn Pugh.

In this episode, Lucy decides she wants to be a ballet dancer so she joins a class taught by an intimidating Russian dance instructor. While her husband encourages her enthusiasm, he also believes she’s too clumsy to make it as a professional ballet dancer.

Despite his doubts, Lucy perseveres and tries her best to learn the steps. After several weeks of grueling practice, Lucy is finally ready for her debut performance.

The night of the performance arrives and everyone gathers at Ricky’s club for the show. When it’s time for Lucy to take the stage, she nervously takes off her robe revealing a bright pink tutu with matching slippers.

As soon as she starts dancing, everyone is blown away by her grace and talent. She impresses not only those in attendance but even that stern dance instructor with her beautiful routine.

This episode features some hilarious moments throughout as well as some heartwarming ones. It also provides viewers with an inspiring message — don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something if you believe in yourself enough.


Episode 11 of I Love Lucy titled ‘The Ballet’ aired on October 8th 1956 and has become one of the most beloved episodes from this classic sitcom. Not only does it provide laughs but also an uplifting message about believing in yourself no matter what others may think. So if you ever find yourself looking for some feel-good comedy or just want to watch one of television’s most memorable episodes – “The Ballet” from I Love Lucy is definitely worth checking out!