What Famous Art Is at Seattle Art Museum?

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The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is home to an impressive array of artwork from around the world. It houses some of the most famous pieces from renowned artists, including European masters, American modernists, and contemporary artists.

Those visiting SAM can explore a variety of art forms, from sculptures to paintings and photographs.

The museum’s collections include works by masterful old-world painters such as Rembrandt and Goya, as well as American modernists like Georgia O’Keeffe and Jackson Pollock. It also boasts pieces by contemporary Seattle-area artists like Dale Chihuly and Nick Cave.

For sculpture enthusiasts, SAM has a wide selection of pieces ranging from ancient Greek sculptures to contemporary works like the playful “Dancing Frogs” by Seattle artist Michael Hertz. The museum also features an impressive collection of African art, including masks and figures from the region.

The museum’s photography collection includes works by Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Edward Weston, and Alfred Stieglitz. Visitors can also explore selections from the Northwest Coast Native American art collection or take in a special exhibition in the Olympic Sculpture Park.


Seattle Art Museum is home to a wealth of artworks from all over the world. From masterpieces by renowned painters such as Rembrandt and Goya to sculptures by Michael Hertz, there is something for everyone at SAM.

Its photography collection showcases work by iconic photographers like Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange while its special exhibitions draw visitors to its Olympic Sculpture Park. In short, this museum provides an unforgettable view into some of the most famous art in existence today.