What Goes in the Art Museum Animal Crossing?

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The Animal Crossing game series has been a favorite among gamers for years due to its creative and customizable world. Players can customize nearly every aspect of their experience, from the clothes they wear to the items they collect.

One of the most popular customization options is creating an in-game art museum. Players can fill their museum with art containing real-world works and original pieces created by themselves or other players.

The types of art that can be found in an Animal Crossing art museum can vary depending on the player’s preferences. While some players may choose to collect real-world works, others may prefer to include only customized pieces from themselves or other players. The most popular pieces tend to have bright colors, unique designs, and often feature a variety of characters or animals.

Players can also customize the layout and design of their art museum as well as the types of pieces they include. Some players may choose to create themed displays, such as featuring artwork based on a certain type of animal or color scheme. Others may decide to arrange their works into specific categories such as landscapes or portraits.

No matter what type of art a player chooses for their Animal Crossing art museum, it can be an enjoyable experience for both them and other visitors who come to see it. Not only does it give players an opportunity to express themselves creatively, but it also allows them to show off their own artwork and appreciate that of others.


What goes in an Animal Crossing Art Museum is completely up to the individual player’s preferences. Players have a wide range of artwork available from which they can select from both original pieces and real-world works by other artists. They also have the option to customize their layout and design, allowing them to create an enjoyable artistic experience for both themselves and any visitors who come by.