What Is a Ballet Costume Called?


A ballet costume is a garment worn by dancers to perform classical ballet. The costume typically consists of a bodice, skirt, and accessories such as a headpiece or jewelry. A ballet costume is designed to illustrate the dancer’s artistry and to enhance the beauty of their performance.

A well-designed costume helps to bring out the character of the dance, while also allowing the dancer to move freely and gracefully. In addition, it also serves as a visual cue for the audience, helping them recognize each individual dancer on stage.

Traditionally, all ballet costumes are custom-made for each production and tailored to fit each dancer.

The main components of a typical ballet costume are:

  • Bodice: The bodice is usually made of fitted fabric with straps or sleeves that extend to just above the waistline. It is designed to give support and structure to the upper body.
  • Skirt: Skirts are usually made from lightweight fabric that hangs from the waistband or hip line and reaches mid-calf length. Some skirts have layers of different fabrics and textures that create movement and bring life to a performance.
  • Accessories: Accessories such as headpieces, jewelry, gloves, stockings, and shoes are used to complete a costume’s look.

    They can add touches of color or texture in order to emphasize certain movements or create an overall aesthetic.

A well-designed costume can help dancers express themselves on stage while captivating audiences with their beauty and gracefulness. It is an essential element in any successful ballet performance.


In conclusion, what is a ballet costume called? A ballet costume is simply referred to as “costume” and consists of a bodice, skirt, and accessories such as headpieces or jewelry.