What Is a Ballet Outfit Called?


A ballet outfit is a clothing ensemble worn by ballet dancers when performing on stage. It consists of several pieces which vary depending on the style of dance and the skill level of the dancer.

The majority of common ballet costumes include a leotard, tights, and sometimes a skirt or tutu.

The leotard is often made from a lightweight, breathable fabric such as lycra or spandex. It usually has short sleeves or spaghetti straps and can be plain in color or have various decorations such as sequins or crystals.

The skirt or tutu is typically made from tulle and designed to provide movement and grace to the dancer’s performance.

Tights come in various colors and thicknesses depending on the performance requirements. They are usually made from nylon, lycra, or spandex and are designed to provide support for the dancer’s legs while allowing them to move freely during their routine.


Ballet shoes are often made of canvas or leather with suede soles. They are designed to be lightweight and flexible while also providing support for the foot during dancing motions.

Pointe shoes are also worn by more advanced dancers who perform on their toes. These shoes are specially designed with a reinforced box at the tip of each toe, allowing them to stand on pointe with ease.


In addition to the clothing items mentioned above, there are several accessories that may be worn along with a ballet outfit including headpieces such as crowns, wreaths, flowers, hair ribbons, hairnets, etc. Ballet dancers may also use props such as swords or fans for certain performances.


In conclusion, a ballet outfit is typically composed of several pieces including a leotard, tights, skirt or tutu, ballet shoes (or pointe shoes), and accessories such as headpieces and props. All together these pieces form an ensemble that allows dancers to perform gracefully and elegantly across any stage.