What Is a Ballet Slipper Called?


A ballet slipper is a type of shoe that is designed specifically for the practice and performance of ballet. This type of shoe is lightweight and flexible, allowing dancers to move freely while saving them from blisters or other injuries that could be caused by a stiff or heavy shoe.

The traditional ballet slipper is made of canvas or leather and features an elastic strap over the arch of the foot. The sole of the shoe is usually very thin, which helps to provide better balance and support while dancing.

The color of the slipper can vary from black to pink, depending on the style and purpose. For performances, many dancers prefer to wear white or light-colored slippers so that their feet are more visible on stage.

Ballet slippers are known for their comfort and durability, as well as for their ability to help dancers achieve greater flexibility in their movement.

The lack of heavy material also helps reduce strain on the muscles and joints, making it easier for dancers to move without injury.

What Is a Ballet Slipper Called?

A ballet slipper is commonly referred to as a pointe shoe or a toe shoe. This term comes from the French phrase Pointe à terre which means “on point” – referring to when a dancer rises onto the tips of their toes while performing ballet moves.

Regardless of what it’s called, it’s clear that a ballet slipper is an essential part of any dancer’s wardrobe – providing comfort, support and flexibility during practice and performances alike.


In summary, a ballet slipper is a lightweight and flexible type of shoe designed specifically for use in dance performances or practices. It comes in various colors depending on its purpose, with white being popular for performances so that the dancer’s feet are more visible onstage. The traditional ballet slipper has an elastic strap over the arch of the foot and a very thin sole for better balance and support while dancing. It is also known as a pointe shoe or toe shoe due to its ability to help dancers rise onto their toes while performing certain moves.