What Is a Ballet Summer Intensive?


A ballet summer intensive is an intensive course or program typically offered during the summer months which provides students with the opportunity to further their technique and performance skills in the art of ballet. It is a chance to go beyond what is taught in regular dance classes, and gain more technical knowledge and practice.

The primary goal of a ballet summer intensive is to inspire students to reach their highest potential as dancers, while at the same time learning important life lessons. Participants will work with renowned dance professionals from around the world who can help them develop their technique and reach their goals. Through rigorous daily training and rehearsals, students learn how to be disciplined, stay focused and motivated, and become more self-confident.

Most summer intensives consist of classes in various styles of ballet such as classical ballet, variations, pas de deux (duets), pointe work, contemporary dance forms, character dancing, improvisation, modern dance technique, music theory and stage craft. The teachers teach these classes with certain expectations for each student so that they can achieve their goals in a safe learning environment.

The benefits of attending a ballet summer intensive are numerous. Students get to practice alongside other dancers from all over the world who share similar goals in achieving excellence in the art of ballet.

They also get to experience different teaching styles that may challenge them or help them grow as dancers. Furthermore, by attending a summer intensive course with established instructors from prestigious companies or schools such as The Royal Ballet School or American Ballet Theatre allows students to explore various aspects of classical ballet.


Overall, attending a ballet summer intensive is an invaluable experience for any aspiring dancer who wants to improve upon their technique or gain more knowledge in this beautiful art form. Through rigorous training with world-renowned professionals and peers from all over the world, participants get exposed to different teaching styles which can help them further develop their abilities while also experiencing something new.