What Is a Ballet Teacher Called?


A Ballet Teacher is a professional who has studied the art of ballet and is trained to teach it to others. Ballet Teachers are usually certified and have extensive experience in teaching the technique and language of ballet. Many Ballet Teachers come from professional dance backgrounds, having danced for companies or in productions before taking on teaching positions.

Ballet Teachers are responsible for providing students with instruction in the fundamentals of ballet, including positions, steps, and turns. They must be able to demonstrate a high level of technical skill in order to clearly explain and demonstrate proper technique. Additionally, Ballet Teachers should have knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology so they can help students safely execute movements while avoiding injury.

In addition to technical instruction, Ballet Teachers also typically provide choreography for performances or shows. They are responsible for creating choreographic works that fit the level of their students’ ability as well as fit within the context of any production’s theme or storyline. This requires an understanding of music theory as well as an eye for aesthetic composition.

Ballet Teachers also often perform administrative tasks such as planning classes, setting schedules, and tracking attendance records. This ensures that classes run smoothly and efficiently while providing a safe learning environment for all participants.

In sum, a Ballet Teacher is a highly trained individual who has knowledge and expertise in both the technical aspects of ballet as well as its artistic elements. Through their instruction, they help students develop their skills and gain confidence in their abilities so that they may become accomplished dancers themselves one day.


In conclusion, a Ballet Teacher is an experienced professional who is knowledgeable in both the technical aspects of ballet dancing as well as its artistic elements. Through their guidance they help students learn the proper techniques necessary to become proficient dancers while also instilling an appreciation for the beauty and grace found within this timeless art form.