What Is a Degree in Art History Called?

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A degree in Art History is an advanced study of the history, development, and appreciation of art. It encompasses the study of painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film, and other forms of visual culture from the ancient world to the present day.

Art historians are well-versed in cultural history and have a good understanding of how art is related to broader cultural trends and movements. The degree provides students with an opportunity to explore different artistic mediums and styles, as well as their cultural contexts.

The most common type of degree in Art History is a Bachelor’s Degree program. This degree typically requires four years of study and includes courses such as Ancient Art History, Medieval Art History, Renaissance Art History, Modern Art History, Contemporary Art History, Theory & Criticism in Art History, Cultural Studies in Art History, Museum Studies/Collections Management , and Visual Culture & Media Studies.

These courses provide students with an understanding of the major works from different eras as well as theories about their interpretation and meaning. Students also learn about curatorial practices for creating exhibitions and collections.

At the graduate level there are two types of degrees available: Masters and Doctorates. A Master’s Degree program usually takes two years to complete and focuses on more specialized topics such as Postmodernism in Contemporary Art or 18th Century British Paintings. Doctoral programs typically require four or five years to complete and involve in-depth research into a specific area of art history such as Islamic Visual Culture or Baroque Painting Theory.

Art Historians can pursue a variety of careers upon graduation including museum curatorship; gallery management; teaching at universities; writing for magazines or newspapers; consulting for auction houses; working for private collectors; conducting research at archives or libraries; working for art foundations or organizations; or even becoming an art critic.

What Is A Degree In Art History Called?

A degree in Art History is commonly referred to as a Bachelor’s Degree or Graduate Degree depending on the level you are studying for. At the graduate level there are two types of degrees available: Masters Degrees and Doctorates.