What Is a Digital Art Degree?

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A Digital Art Degree is an academic qualification that provides students with the skills to create digital works of art. This type of degree program can range from a two-year associate’s degree to a four-year bachelor’s and master’s. By earning a Digital Art Degree, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create professional artwork using digital tools and techniques.

The curriculum for a Digital Art Degree consists of classes in various areas of art, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, web design, animation, and multimedia. These classes focus on teaching students how to use digital tools to create works of art such as illustrations, logos, animations, websites and more. Classes may also cover topics such as color theory, composition and art history.

In addition to the classes focused on digital art techniques and principles, students will also take courses in general education topics such as English composition or mathematics. This ensures that they have a well-rounded education that prepares them for jobs in the creative industry.

When looking for a job after graduating with a Digital Art Degree there are many different options available. Students may be able to find work as graphic designers, animators or web designers. Some graduates may even choose to pursue their own freelance business creating artwork for clients around the world.


A Digital Art Degree provides the skills needed to create professional artwork with digital tools. The curriculum covers both core art classes such as drawing and painting as well as general education topics like English composition or math. Graduates of this degree program may find work in various areas of the creative industry including graphic design or animation.