What Is a Jump in Ballet Called?


A jump in ballet is an impressive and graceful move that takes a lot of skill and practice to master. It is one of the defining features of a dancer’s technique and can be used to add variety and excitement to a performance.

A jump in ballet is generally divided into two distinct parts: the preparation, or takeoff, and the landing.

During the takeoff, dancers use their core muscles to gain height while keeping their legs straight and their arms raised above their heads. As they reach the peak of their jump, they pull their legs together in a “V” shape while tucking them underneath them. This position is called a plié.

The landing is equally important as it requires precise control and balance. Dancers must absorb their momentum by gently sinking into a demi-plié or relevé before extending their arms outwards for balance as they come down from the jump. With practice, landing a jump can be done with grace and poise, allowing the dancer to appear light as air on stage.

Different Types Of Jumps: There are many different types of jumps that dancers use in ballet performances, each with its own unique style and technique:

  • Grand Jete: This is the most common type of jump found in classical ballet performances. It involves jumping from one foot onto both feet in midair before making a powerful leap forward or backward.
  • Grand Jeté en Tournant: This variation on the grand jeté adds an extra dimension by incorporating multiple turns during midair.
  • Petit Jeté: This variation on the grand jeté reduces both height and distance but still requires control when landing.
  • Changement de Pieds: This consists of two jumps performed quickly one after another while alternating feet.
  • Fouetté: This complex jump combines two quick turns with two leaps in midair during which one leg is extended outwards as far as possible.

Jumps are an important part of every dancer’s repertoire and mastering them takes time and dedication. With practice comes progress, however, so don’t give up if it feels difficult at first!

Learning how to execute jumps properly will help you take your dancing to new heights!

What Is A Jump In Ballet Called?: A jump in ballet is called many things depending on its type – Grand Jeté, Grand Jeté en Tournant, Petit Jeté, Changement de Pieds or Fouetté – but all are impressive feats demonstrating skillful technique!