What Is a Male Ballet Costume Called?


A male ballet costume is a special type of clothing worn by male dancers when performing ballet. Male ballet costumes are usually composed of a tunic and tights, although variations depending on the specific style of dance and creative interpretation. For example, some male dancers may choose to wear a shirt with the tights instead of a tunic, or may opt for shorts instead of tights.

The tunic worn by male dancers is typically designed with a high collar and long sleeves to provide coverage and modesty. The fabric used to make the tunic should also be lightweight and breathable for comfort during strenuous rehearsals and performances. Traditionally, the tunics worn by male ballet dancers were white or light-colored to help them stand out against their female counterparts in the corps de ballet.

Tights are an essential part of any classical ballet costume, so it’s important that they fit correctly and provide full coverage while still allowing complete freedom of movement. The two main types of tights commonly worn by male dancers are footed tights, which cover both the legs and feet, or stirrup tights, which have an extra loop around the heel to keep them in place while dancing. It is also important that male dancers select quality materials such as cotton/spandex blends that will not sag or stretch during performances.

Overall, a male ballet costume is comprised of several elements designed to provide comfort, modesty, and freedom of movement for the dancer. It is important for any aspiring dancer to research different styles and materials in order to select the best costume for their individual needs.


In conclusion, a male ballet costume typically consists of a tunic and tights designed to provide coverage while still allowing complete freedom of movement. Different styles may be chosen depending on individual preference and comfort level. Quality materials should be selected when choosing a costume in order to ensure that it will last through many rehearsals and performances.