What Is a Masters in Art History Called?

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A Masters in Art History is a post-graduate degree program that focuses on the study of art and architecture from the past. The degree is designed to provide advanced knowledge and research skills in order to help students better understand the history of art and how it relates to our present world. The coursework typically covers topics such as philosophy, aesthetics, critical theory, historiography, and art history methodology.

This program is designed for those who have an interest in art history, whether they are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree or have already earned one. It provides students with the necessary skills to pursue an academic career in the field or even become a curator at a museum. Students can also use this degree as a stepping stone to help them enter other careers such as teaching or media production.

The Masters in Art History program typically requires students to complete core classes such as Ancient Greek Art & Archaeology, Renaissance Art & Architecture, Modern & Contemporary Art Theory & Criticism, Global Perspectives in Art & Architecture, Methodologies of Art History Research & Writing, and Visualization & Digital Humanities. Elective courses may include topics such as Photography Theory & Practice, Video Art Practices & Theory, Museum Studies, and Women in Contemporary Visual Culture.

Most programs require students to complete either a thesis project or an internship experience with a museum or gallery before they can graduate. Thesis projects often involve researching a specific topic related to art history and writing a paper about it while internships involve working directly with professionals in the field who can provide guidance and feedback on their work. This experience will help prepare them for their future careers in the art world.

At the end of their program of study, those who have earned a Masters in Art History will be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of the subject matter as well as understanding of research methods used by professional historians. They will be well-prepared for any job that requires knowledge of art history or related fields such as education or media production.

The degree is officially called a Master’s Degree in Arts (with specialization in Art History). This is usually abbreviated further as MA (Art Hst) when listed on resumes and other professional documents. Earning this degree puts graduates at the top of their field when it comes to understanding art history and the many ways it intersects with our lives today.

In conclusion, earning a Master’s Degree in Arts (with specialization in Art History) provides students with valuable knowledge that can open doors throughout their career paths whether they choose academia or something else entirely unrelated to art history itself. With this degree comes advanced expertise that prepares them for any job that requires knowledge of art history or related fields such as education or media production.