What Is a Plié in Ballet?


What is a Plié in Ballet?

Ballet is a beautiful art form that requires grace and poise. A plié, pronounced ‘plee-ay’, is a move used in ballet that involves bending the knees.

It is one of the most basic and fundamental moves of ballet and can be performed in various positions. Plié can be performed either with both feet flat on the floor or with one foot turned out from the hip joint.

Pliés are often used as a preparation for jumps and turns, as they help to prepare the body for the more challenging movements. They are also used to develop strength, balance, and flexibility in the lower body as they involve deep knee bends. The plié helps to stretch and warm up muscles before any more strenuous activity such as jumping or turning.

Pliés have been used by dancers for centuries and have evolved over time to become an essential part of any dancer’s repertoire. Professional dancers will often use pliés to demonstrate their control of movement by performing slow, controlled movements with perfect technique.

Different types of Plié
The two main types of plié are grande plie (deep knee bend) and petit plie (shallow knee bend). Both types involve bending at the knees while keeping the hips aligned with the shoulders and torso straightened.
Grande plie requires greater flexibility than petit plie as it involves bending deeper at the knees, whereas petit plie only requires slight bending of the knees which is more suitable for beginner dancers who may not yet have developed enough strength or flexibility to perform a grande plie.

Performing a Plié
When performing a plié, it is important to ensure proper alignment throughout the body by keeping your spine tall and your chest lifted up towards the ceiling while engaging your core muscles to support your posture. The toes should be pointed outward when doing a grande plie but kept parallel when doing petit plies.

It is also important to keep your arms open in front or behind you as you perform this move depending on what type of ballet position you are in (first, second or fifth position). Finally, always remember to keep your head up throughout this exercise!


The Plié is an essential move in ballet that involves bending at the knees while maintaining good posture throughout all stages of movement. It helps to prepare dancers for more strenuous movements such as jumps or turns by stretching and warming up lower body muscles before activity begins.

There are two main types of Pliés; Grande Plie which requires greater flexibility than Petit Plie which does not require so much depth at the knees making it suitable for beginner dancers who may not yet have developed enough strength or flexibility for Grande Plies. Proper technique must be maintained throughout all stages of this move including making sure that toes are pointed outward during Grande Plies but kept parallel during Petit Plies and having arms open depending on what kind of position you’re in (first, second, fifth etc.). With practice, anyone can master this timeless movement!