What Is a Relic AP Art History?

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A Relic AP Art History is an Advanced Placement course offering from the College Board that focuses on the history of art and architecture. It provides an introduction to the diverse and complex history of art and architecture, from prehistory to the present day. The course covers a wide range of topics, including art criticism, aesthetics, and cultural context.

The course is designed to help students understand how art has been used throughout history in various cultures as a means of expression, communication, and interpretation. It also provides an opportunity for students to explore the philosophical and theoretical implications of art in historical contexts.

The course consists of two sections: Art History I and Art History II. In Art History I, students learn about the major developments in art from prehistory to the early modern period.

This includes looking at how artists used materials, techniques, ideas, and media to create works of art during different time periods. Students learn about major artistic movements such as ancient Greek sculpture, Renaissance painting, Baroque sculpture, Rococo painting, Impressionism painting and Post-Impressionism painting. They also learn about other forms of visual expression such as photography and film.

In Art History II students explore more recent developments in art from the 20th century onward. This includes looking at different artistic movements such as Abstract Expressionism painting, Pop Art painting, Minimalism sculpture, Conceptual Art installation pieces and contemporary digital media artwork. Students learn about how these movements have influenced our understanding of what it means to make visual art today.

At the end of both courses students will take a comprehensive exam which covers all topics covered throughout their study. The exam is designed to assess their understanding of the material by testing their knowledge on topics ranging from aesthetics to cultural context.

Successful completion will earn them college credit depending on their university’s policies for accepting AP credits from external sources such as the College Board.

Conclusion: A Relic AP Art History course offers students an introduction into a wide range of topics related to art history including aesthetics, criticism, materials and techniques used by artists throughout different time periods as well as giving them insight into more contemporary forms of visual expression like film and digital media artwork. Successful completion of this course will earn college credit depending on each university’s policies for accepting AP credits.