What Is ABT Corps De Ballet?


ABT Corps de Ballet is the professional ballet company of American Ballet Theatre (ABT). It is made up of talented and dedicated dancers from all over the world who are committed to excellence in dance. The company works tirelessly to prepare and perform outstanding ballet productions each season, from traditional full-length ballets to innovative new works.

ABT Corps de Ballet dancers are selected for their technical strength, skill, artistry, and commitment to their craft. Training for ABT Corps de Ballet dancers includes intensive daily ballet classes, strength and conditioning classes, workshops on partnering and character dancing, private coaching sessions with principal dancers of the company, and rehearsals of current productions. In addition to stage performances with ABT, Corps de Ballet members often have the opportunity to perform in regional touring companies or guest appearances with other companies in the United States and abroad.

The ABT mission is “to enrich lives through dance by creating an environment that encourages innovation while honoring tradition” – this mission is mirrored in the work of its Corps de Ballet members. The company’s repertoire includes both classic ballets such as Swan Lake and Nutcracker as well as modern works like Alexei Ratmansky’s Romeo & Juliet or Christopher Wheeldon’s After the Rain. With a commitment to excellence that has been recognized by audiences around the world, ABT has established itself as one of the premier ballet companies in the world.

ABT Corps De Ballet is a professional ballet troupe that strives for excellence in technique and artistry. Each dancer is carefully selected for their skill level and commitment to their craft before being trained extensively in various forms of classical ballet technique along with strength training and partnering practice.

Additionally, they often have opportunities to perform at regional touring companies or international guest appearances outside of American Ballet Theatre. Through its commitment to innovation while honoring tradition, ABT has established itself as one of the most acclaimed ballet companies worldwide.

What Is ABT Corps De Ballet? It is a professional ballet troupe made up of highly skilled dancers from around the globe who are dedicated to achieving excellence in dance through intense training regimes aimed at honing their technical abilities while also performing classic ballets as well as modern works internationally.