What Is an Art History Class Like?

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An art history class is an excellent way to explore the world of art and its history. It can be a fascinating and rewarding experience, as students are exposed to the work of many different cultures, eras, and time periods. Students learn about the techniques used by artists in various styles, as well as the inspiration behind the works. It is also a great opportunity to gain an appreciation for the historical and cultural significance of artwork.

Students in an art history course will typically learn about various forms of artwork such as painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and more. They will explore how these forms were used by different cultures throughout time. They may be asked to analyze works according to their composition or look at how they convey emotions or messages.

They may also be asked to compare works from different eras in order to better understand why certain styles were popular at certain times.

In addition to learning about aesthetics and techniques, students in an art history class will also learn about the social context in which artwork was created. This includes looking at how different cultures have used art as a way of expressing their beliefs and values. Through this exploration, students can gain valuable insight into other cultures and societies throughout history.

An art history class can also provide students with skills that are transferable to other fields such as critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, communication, research methods, and more. By exploring the artwork of various cultures throughout time, students can develop a greater understanding of the world around them.


An art history class is an excellent way for students to broaden their knowledge about the history of art across various cultures and time periods. Through studying various forms of artwork as well as gaining insight into its social context, students can develop critical thinking skills that are applicable to many different disciplines. Art history classes provide a unique learning experience that can open up new doors for students.