What Is an Art History Major?

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What Is an Art History Major?

An art history major is a college degree program that focuses on the study of the history of art, architecture, and other related fields. For example, a major in art history might include courses in painting, sculpture, photography, film, and design. The major often requires the student to choose a concentration in one or more areas of study.

The curriculum for an art history major usually includes classes in studio art as well as coursework in the history of art and its various movements. This includes classes about ancient Greek and Roman architecture, Renaissance painting and sculpture, Baroque period art, Modernism and contemporary Art.

Students also learn about different cultural influences on works of art from around the world, such as African-American or Native American cultures. Additionally, students may be required to take classes in literature or philosophy to gain knowledge about how these fields relate to the field of visual arts and its historical context.

In addition to coursework, students will often complete internships or research projects in order to gain a deeper understanding of their chosen field. This could include cataloguing museum collections or helping to develop exhibitions at a gallery or museum. These experiences can help prepare students for careers in curation or museum management after graduation.

An art history major can open up many doors for graduates who wish to pursue careers within the creative industries. For example, they may work as curators at museums or galleries; they may become exhibition designers; they may find positions within media production companies; they may become teachers; they could even become appraisers specializing in works of art and antiques.

In conclusion, an art history major is an excellent choice for those who are passionate about learning more about art from a wide range of time periods and cultures from around the world. Through coursework and hands-on experience through internships or research projects, students can gain invaluable insight into this fascinating field that can open up many career paths upon graduation.