What Is Boston Ballet II?


Boston Ballet II is a pre-professional division of the world-renowned Boston Ballet. Established in 1978, Boston Ballet II provides aspiring young dancers with the opportunity to gain invaluable on-the-job training and work experience in a professional setting.

The program is designed for dancers between the ages of 16 and 20 who have attained a high level of technical proficiency and demonstrate potential for a professional career in ballet. Students are selected through an audition process and, if accepted, are granted a full scholarship to attend classes at the Boston Ballet School.

Boston Ballet II Program

The program consists of two levels: Pre-Professional I and Pre-Professional II. Pre-Professional I serves as an introduction to more advanced techniques and styles while Pre-Professional II provides an intensive course of study that prepares dancers for a professional career. In addition to their training, students enrolled in the program are given numerous performance opportunities throughout the season.

The curriculum includes classes in ballet technique, pointe work, variations, partnering, contemporary dance styles, character dance, pilates and yoga. The program also offers additional classes such as music theory and composition for dancers interested in developing their musicality.

Benefits of Boston Ballet II

Boston Ballet II provides students with first-hand experience working with a professional company — something that can be invaluable for aspiring dancers looking to pursue a career in ballet.

The rigorous curriculum also helps develop technical proficiency as well as artistry and stage presence — all essential skills for succeeding on stage or working behind the scenes.


Boston Ballet II is an intensive pre-professional division of the world renowned Boston Ballet that provides aspiring young dancers with valuable on-the job training and experience under the guidance of professionals. Through this program students gain invaluable experience performing with a professional company as well as hone their technical proficiency in ballet technique. By attending this program students can gain invaluable skills that will prepare them for success whether they choose to pursue a career on stage or behind the scenes.