What Is Outside the Mori Art Museum?

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The Mori Art Museum is located in Tokyo, Japan and it was founded by the late real estate mogul Minoru Mori in 2003. The museum is located inside a 53-story skyscraper that also houses shops, restaurants and other cultural facilities. Its purpose is to promote the appreciation of contemporary art from around the world.

The Mori Art Museum showcases a variety of exhibitions from diverse genres like painting, photography, video, sculpture and installations. It also hosts lectures, concerts and workshops related to art and culture.

The museum has an extensive library which features books about art history as well as periodicals about current trends in the art world. It also has an auditorium for lectures, screenings and performances.

In addition to its exhibitions and programming, the Mori Art Museum also has an outdoor terrace which offers views of Tokyo’s cityscape. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful skyline while dining at one of the many restaurants on site or visiting one of the shops nearby. The terrace is surrounded by lush green trees which provide shade during hot summer days.

Just outside the museum lies Roppongi Hills – a shopping district with designer boutiques, cafes and eateries offering delicious food from all over Japan. There are also plenty of entertainment options including movie theaters, karaoke bars and live music venues.


What Is Outside the Mori Art Museum?: Outside the Mori Art Museum lies Roppongi Hills – a bustling shopping district with plenty of dining options and entertainment venues for visitors to enjoy. There is also an outdoor terrace that offers breathtaking views of Tokyo’s skyline surrounded by lush green trees for visitors to relax under during hot summer days.