What Is Rubies Ballet About?


Rubies Ballet is a unique dance school located in the heart of London. It is the creation of two professional dancers, who wanted to offer an alternative to traditional ballet classes. The school provides a relaxed and fun atmosphere for students to explore and develop their own unique style of movement.

Rubies Ballet offers classes for children, teenagers and adults of all ages and abilities. The classes focus on teaching the fundamentals of ballet technique, while also encouraging creative expression and improvisation through movement. Rubies Ballet believes that everyone can benefit from creative movement regardless of their level of experience or ability.

The school has created a safe space in which students can express themselves freely while learning the basics of ballet technique. The teachers at Rubies Ballet are highly qualified and experienced professionals who understand the importance of individualised instruction and strive to create an encouraging atmosphere for their students. Every student at Rubies Ballet receives one-on-one guidance from their teacher in order to ensure they are progressing in their development as dancers.

Rubies Ballet also offers an after-school program for younger children, which combines ballet with other forms of dance such as jazz, hip hop and contemporary styles. This allows children to explore different genres of dance while having fun in a supportive environment. There are also opportunities for more advanced students to participate in competitions or performance opportunities throughout the year.

At Rubies Ballet, the focus is not only on teaching the fundamentals of ballet but also on fostering creativity and self-expression through movement. The teachers strive to create an atmosphere that is both supportive and challenging, allowing students to grow both technically and artistically as dancers.


What Is Rubies Ballet About? It is a unique dance school located in London that focuses on teaching fundamentals of ballet technique alongside fostering creativity and self-expression through movement. It has classes for children, teenagers, adults, after-school programs for younger children, performance opportunities throughout the year and individual guidance from experienced professionals.