What Is the Best Ballet School in Canada?


From the beauty of La Bayadère to the grandeur of Swan Lake, ballet is an art form that has enthralled audiences for centuries. With its graceful movements and intricate steps, it takes years of practice and dedication to perfect. For aspiring dancers, finding the best ballet school in Canada is essential to ensure that they are learning from experienced professionals who can help them reach their full potential.

When it comes to the best ballet schools in Canada, the National Ballet School of Canada stands out among the rest. Located in Toronto, this institution has been training elite dancers since 1959.

The school offers a variety of programs for students at all levels – from pre-professional students who are considering a career in dance to recreational students who simply want to enjoy the art form. The National Ballet School also offers summer programs as well as intensive workshops and master classes with special guest artists.

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School is another respected institution that provides professional training for aspiring dancers. Founded in 1939, this school has grown into one of the most respected ballet academies in North America.

Students at this academy benefit from high-caliber instruction from some of the world’s leading teachers and choreographers. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School also holds annual student performances which allow young dancers to showcase their skills on stage.

VanCity Dance is a Vancouver-based studio that offers training for both aspiring professionals and recreational dancers alike. This school focuses on providing an inclusive environment where all students can feel comfortable learning and expressing themselves through movement. VanCity Dance is also known for its unique style which combines elements of contemporary, hip hop and jazz into traditional ballet techniques.


When it comes to selecting a ballet school in Canada, each student must consider their individual goals and needs before making a decision. While all three institutions mentioned above offer excellent instruction, each student should evaluate which program best suits their aspirations before committing to any one school.