What Is the Best Ballet School in the United States?


When it comes to ballet, the United States has some of the best schools in the world. From the prestigious American Ballet Theatre (ABT) in New York City to San Francisco Ballet in California, there is no shortage of exceptional programs for aspiring dancers. But what is the best ballet school in the United States?

One of the top contenders for this title is ABT, home to some of the most celebrated dancers and choreographers in history. The school offers classical ballet training from renowned instructors, as well as other genres such as jazz, hip hop and contemporary dance.

The faculty includes former ABT principal dancers and a world-renowned artistic director. ABT also provides a number of professional performance opportunities throughout the year.

Another highly coveted school is Boston Ballet, located in Massachusetts. Founded in 1963, Boston Ballet has become one of America’s most prominent programs and has produced many notable alumni including Misty Copeland and Jock Soto. The curriculum emphasizes technique and artistry while also providing students with a comprehensive education in all aspects of ballet.

San Francisco Ballet, founded in 1933, is another excellent choice for aspiring dancers hoping to pursue a professional career in ballet. The school offers an advanced training program that focuses on technique and artistry but also incorporates elements from various other styles such as jazz, modern and hip hop. It provides numerous performance opportunities each season for its students.


When it comes to determining which ballet school is best for aspiring dancers, there are many factors to consider such as curriculum, faculty experience and performance opportunities offered by each program. Ultimately, choosing the best school will depend on individual goals and preferences but some top contenders include American Ballet Theatre (ABT), Boston Ballet and San Francisco Ballet.