What Is the Biggest Ballet Company in the World?


What is the Biggest Ballet Company in the World?

Throughout its long, storied history, ballet has provided audiences with breathtaking performances of grace and athleticism. As such, it’s no surprise that some of the world’s biggest ballet companies have emerged over the years. From Russia to the United States, there are a number of companies that have earned acclaim for their stunning performances.

The Bolshoi Ballet is considered by many to be one of the most renowned ballet companies in the world. Founded in 1773, it is one of the oldest and most celebrated ballet companies in history.

It is based in Moscow, Russia and is known for its lavish productions and high-level dancers. The company has presented a variety of timeless works such as “Swan Lake,” “The Sleeping Beauty,” “Giselle,” and more.

The American Ballet Theatre (ABT) is another influential ballet company in the United States. Established in 1939, ABT has become a leader in professional dance performance over the years.

It has performed throughout America and internationally as well, earning numerous awards and accolades along the way. The company also boasts an impressive list of alumni including Misty Copeland, Ethan Stiefel, Cynthia Gregory, and many more influential dancers who have gone on to make their mark on classical ballet worldwide.

The Royal Ballet is a third major company based out of London that’s been around since 1931. This prestigious organization has featured some of most talented dancers from around the world including Dame Margot Fonteyn and Sir Kenneth MacMillan. The Royal Ballet also holds a special place in British culture as it was founded by Queen Elizabeth II’s father George V back in 1931 as a gift to his wife Mary who was an avid patron of dance at that time.

No matter which company you choose to follow or support, all three organizations are making significant contributions to preserving this iconic art form for generations to come. There are countless more companies throughout Europe and America that are just as noteworthy but these three have certainly earned their place as some of the biggest names in ballet today.


The Bolshoi Ballet from Moscow, Russia; American Ballet Theatre from New York City; USA; Royal Ballet from London; England are widely considered to be among some of the biggest ballet companies in the world today for their storied histories and acclaimed performances over time.