What Is the Difference Between ABT and NYC Ballet?


American Ballet Theatre (ABT) and the New York City Ballet (NYCB) are two of the most prominent ballet companies in the world. Both are based in New York City and have been performing for more than 75 years.

While they share many similarities, they also have some distinct differences that set them apart.

The most obvious difference between ABT and NYCB is their artistic styles. ABT is known for its classical repertoire, while NYCB focuses on more contemporary works.

ABT is renowned for its grandiose productions, with elaborate sets and costumes, while NYCB focuses on a minimalist aesthetic. They also differ in their approach to technique – ABT emphasizes strength and power, while NYCB emphasizes speed and agility.

Another key difference between these two companies is their dancers. ABT dancers tend to be larger in stature and are often trained in a wider variety of styles, including jazz and modern dance.

On the other hand, NYCB dancers tend to be smaller in stature and specialize solely in ballet technique.

Finally, ABT and NYCB differ in their approach to choreography. ABT primarily performs works by established choreographers like George Balanchine or Marius Petipa, while NYCB works with living choreographers who create new pieces specifically for the company.


ABT and NYCB are two of the world’s premier ballet companies that share many similarities but also have some distinct differences. The most obvious difference is their artistic styles – ABT has a classical repertoire while NYCB focuses on more contemporary works. Additionally, they differ in terms of their dancers’ body type and training as well as their approach to choreography.