What Is the Difference Between Cecchetti and Classical Ballet?


The difference between Cecchetti and Classical Ballet is in the style of movement and emphasis. Cecchetti is a form of Italian classical ballet that was developed by the renowned Italian teacher, Enrico Cecchetti in the late 19th century. He was a former principal dancer at La Scala Theatre Ballet in Milan, Italy.

The main difference between Cecchetti and Classical Ballet lies in the emphasis placed on certain elements. In Cecchetti, more attention is paid to the musicality of movement and to the dramatic expression of emotion. It also emphasizes a greater use of lightness and grace rather than strength and power.

Cecchetti is known for its use of small, precise steps which are often performed with speed and lightness. The arms are kept in a high fifth position or higher throughout much of the movements, which gives it a very elegant appearance. This style also incorporates many jumps and turns which require great control from the dancer.

Classical Ballet, on the other hand, emphasizes larger movements with more strength as well as longer lines of movement with a focus on grandiose poses and complex step patterns. The arms are typically kept lower to give an appearance of solidity rather than lightness. Additionally, there is more focus on jumps that require height as opposed to speed and control like those found in Cecchetti.

Overall, both forms have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are looking for from your dance experience. Cecchetti provides an opportunity for dancers to express themselves musically while still maintaining the technical aspects of ballet while Classical Ballet offers an opportunity for dancers to show off their strength and power through large movements.


In conclusion, Cecchetti focuses more on musicality, lightness, grace, speed and control whereas Classical Ballet focuses more on larger movements with strength as well as longer lines with grandiose poses and complex step patterns. Both forms offer different aspects that can be beneficial depending on what type of experience you’re looking for.