What Is the Difference Between Digital Art and Photography?

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Digital art and photography may look similar, but they are vastly different mediums. Digital art is created using a computer, while photography is the practice of capturing images using a camera. In digital art, the artist has control over every aspect of the artwork. They can manipulate colors, shapes, textures and even create entirely new elements from scratch. Photography, on the other hand, is about capturing moments in time and manipulating them minimally in post-production.

Digital art allows for greater freedom than photography. Artists can use layers to build complex visuals or combine multiple images into one work of art. They can also use special effects and filters to create unique effects that would not be possible with a camera alone.

With digital art, there are no boundaries or limits to what an artist can create; they have complete control over their artwork from start to finish. On the other hand, photographers must work within the restrictions of their cameras’ limitation and rely on their own technical skill to capture whatever it is they are trying to portray.

The tools used in digital art and photography are also different. Digital artists use software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter while photographers use cameras and lenses to capture images. The tools used by digital artists allow them to manipulate photos or draw from scratch while photographers must rely on their own skill with the camera in order to get the desired results.

In terms of cost, digital art is often much less expensive than photography due to its low overhead costs; however, it does require more time and effort on behalf of the artist in order to produce a high-quality image or design. Photography on the other hand requires less time but more money due to equipment costs such as cameras and lenses as well as other expenses such as travel costs associated with shooting outdoors or on location.


Overall, digital art and photography are two very different mediums that each offer unique benefits for creating stunning visuals but require different skillsets in order for an artist or photographer to successfully produce quality work.