What Is the Difference Between Leather and Canvas Ballet Shoes?

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Leather and canvas ballet shoes are both popular choices for dancers. Both types of shoes provide the necessary support, durability, and flexibility to perform a variety of moves in ballet. The difference between them lies in their construction materials and the way they fit your feet.

Leather ballet shoes are usually made from full-grain leather or suede and have a soft inner lining. They provide a snug fit that can be adjusted with drawstrings or elastic bands at the heel and ankle. Leather is more durable than canvas, making them a good choice for frequent practice sessions or performances on hardwood floors.

However, they can be stiffer than canvas shoes, making them less comfortable for those who prefer more flexibility and freedom of movement.

Canvas ballet shoes are usually made from lightweight cotton fabric or synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. They come with elastics attached to the sides for an adjustable fit. Canvas is more flexible than leather, allowing dancers to move more freely in their pointe work. It’s also less expensive than leather and comes in a variety of colors to match any costume or performance look.


The choice between leather and canvas ballet shoes depends on the dancer’s preferences and the type of performance they will be doing. Leather is more durable but can be stiffer, while canvas is more flexible but may not last as long as leather on hardwood floors. Ultimately, it’s up to the dancer to decide which type of shoe best suits their needs.