What Is the Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum?

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The Denver Art Museum is home to a variety of exhibitions, from contemporary art to historical artifacts. The current exhibit at the museum focuses on the history of Colorado and the American West.

This exhibit, titled “The West in Focus,” showcases more than 150 objects that tell the story of Colorado’s past and present. From rare photographs and documents to paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts, visitors can explore the history of Colorado through a diverse selection of works.

The exhibition includes pieces from prominent Western painters such as Charles Partridge Adams and Frederic Remington. It also features works by Native American artists like Fritz Scholder and Pablita Velarde. Additionally, there are photographs by renowned photographers like Ansel Adams and Edward Curtis as well as photographs taken by local Denver photographers.

The exhibition also highlights important moments in Colorado’s history with artifacts such as a railroad engine caboose from the 1860s, a quilt made in 1875 by a pioneer family in Southern Colorado, and a Chuckwagon from 1887. Visitors will learn about the everyday lives of miners, ranchers, Native Americans, and settlers who helped shape the state.


The current exhibit at the Denver Art Museum offers an immersive experience into the history of Colorado’s past. Through paintings, sculptures, photographs, documents, artifacts and more visitors can explore more than 150 objects that showcase life in Colorado throughout its growth as a state. The “West in Focus” exhibit offers an educational opportunity for all ages to discover more about their home state.