What Is the Hardest Ballet Move?


What Is the Hardest Ballet Move?

Ballet is a difficult and physically demanding art form. With its combination of technique, grace, and strength, it is no wonder that some of the most challenging moves are found in ballet.

The hardest ballet move depends on who you ask. Professional dancers may consider a signature move to be their toughest challenge while students may find certain positions or turns more difficult. Generally speaking, the most difficult ballet steps are those that require strength and flexibility as well as mastery of technique.

One of the most difficult steps for many dancers is the fouette turn. This move requires a dancer to spin on one leg while doing balances and turns with their arms and torso.

It also requires control over their core muscles and a good sense of balance. This step has been popularized by many professional dancers throughout history and has become one of the most iconic steps in classical ballet choreography.

Another difficult move is the grand jete. This involves jumping from one foot to the other with legs fully extended, creating an arc in midair that covers several feet at once.

This move requires tremendous strength in your legs as well as balance and coordination to land on your toes instead of your heels or toes being down first. Professional dancers often incorporate multiple grand jete’s into their performances, making it even harder to master this step correctly.

One final hard move is called pirouetting en dehors or “turning out”. This involves turning around several times on one foot while keeping your other leg turned outwards from your body at all times during the turn. Turning out requires immense flexibility in order to keep your body in that position during each rotation as well as significant core strength for stability at each point during the turn itself.

No matter which kind of ballet step you find hardest, mastering any type of movement can take years of practice and dedication to perfecting technique and form. Ballet is an incredibly challenging art form that takes tremendous physical prowess and skill to perform correctly, making it one of the toughest dance forms out there today!


The hardest ballet moves require tremendous physical skill, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and technique – all coming together to create graceful yet challenging steps such as fouettes turns, grand jetes, and pirouetting en dehors (turning out). While opinions may vary on what particular move is considered most difficult for an individual dancer or student depending on their level of experience; these three movements remain amongst some of the most challenging steps found in classical ballet choreography today!