What Is the Major Art History?

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Art history is the study of the visual arts, including painting, sculpting, architecture and other forms of creative expression. It is a field that encompasses a wide range of topics from ancient times to the present day, covering art from around the world. Art history investigates the relationships between art and its social and political contexts, exploring how art has been used to shape cultures and societies throughout time.

The major art history includes a variety of subjects related to art such as aesthetics, iconography, symbolism and iconology, as well as aspects of curatorial studies. Art historians might also look at topics such as patronage, collecting practices and market trends. Art history also covers topics related to artistic production including materials and techniques used in creating works of art.

The major focuses on an understanding of visual culture through analysis of objects in their historical context. This includes research into the origin, meaning and significance of works of art in relation to their place in society. In addition to providing knowledge about individual works or movements, art history also helps us understand how different styles have evolved over time and how they have been influenced by cultural values or ideologies.

Art historians use a variety of methods when studying objects, including formal analysis which looks at the physical characteristics such as composition or technique; iconographical analysis which examines the meanings behind symbols or figures; and stylistic analysis which looks at how certain elements create particular effects or styles within an artwork. Through these methods we can gain greater insight into both individual works and broader movements in the history of art.

As well as looking at objects from the past, studying contemporary art allows us to explore how current issues are being addressed through artistic expression today. By looking at different cultures throughout time we can see how ideas have been shared across borders and through generations.

Ultimately majoring in art history gives us an understanding not only into past movements but also into our current cultural landscape – providing us with a greater appreciation for both new works being created today as well as those from our past.


Majoring in Art History gives individuals an invaluable opportunity to explore creativity through time – from ancient times to now – giving insight into various cultures around the world along with understanding how past movements have shaped our current cultural landscape.