What Is the Most Famous Ballet Move?


The most famous ballet move is the arabesque. It is a classic and iconic move that has been used in many ballets throughout history and still continues to be used today.

The arabesque is a position where the dancer stands on one foot with their other leg extended behind them, usually at a 90-degree angle. The arms are usually held out to the sides or above the head, depending on the choreography.

The arabesque is often seen as an iconic symbol of ballet, as it combines grace, strength, and balance into one movement. It requires a great deal of control from the dancer to keep their balance on one foot while extending their other leg behind them and stretching their arms out wide. Ballet dancers must be incredibly strong and flexible in order to execute this move with precision and beauty.

The arabesque has been used in ballets since the 16th century and remains popular today. It was first introduced by Jean-Baptiste Lully in his 1653 ballet “Le Triomphe de l’amour”, where it was originally called an attitude en tierce (“attitude in thirds”). Since then, it has become an essential part of any classical ballet performance as well as contemporary ballets.

Not only is the arabesque a beautiful move to watch, but it also presents many challenges for dancers to master. It requires tremendous strength and flexibility in order to do correctly, as well as careful coordination between the arms and legs so that they reach perfect alignment for each pose. This move can take a considerable amount of practice for dancers to master correctly, which makes it even more impressive when they do pull it off flawlessly onstage.

The arabesque is not only beautiful but also timeless; its popularity continues today just as much as it did centuries ago when it first debuted onstage. Although there are many other moves that are used extensively in ballets around the world, none have quite captured imaginations like this classic movement has done over centuries of use.

In conclusion, ‘What Is The Most Famous Ballet Move?’ The answer is undoubtedly the arabesque – an iconic movement that combines gracefulness with strength and balance into one impressive pose that continues to captivate audiences around the world today just as much as when it first debuted centuries ago.