What Is the Most Famous Ballet School?


The most famous ballet school in the world is undoubtedly the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia. Founded in 1773 by Empress Catherine the Great, the school has been teaching the highest level of classical ballet for centuries. It is renowned for producing some of the world’s greatest dancers, including Nijinsky, Pavlova and Ulanova.

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy is one of the most prestigious schools in Russia and is renowned for its strict training regime. Its syllabus follows a Vaganova method which is based on a combination of Russian and French techniques. The school boasts an impressive record of success and many of its alumni have gone on to become some of the greatest dancers in history.

The school also has an illustrious faculty which includes former Bolshoi Ballet stars such as Alexei Ratmansky, Yuri Grigorovich and Vladimir Vasiliev. These names are synonymous with excellence in classical ballet. The faculty also includes renowned teachers such as Alexander Gorsky, Elizaveta Gerdt and Galina Ulanova who have all contributed to making the Bolshoi Ballet Academy one of the world’s most sought-after schools.

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy offers students an opportunity to experience a unique atmosphere that combines traditional Russian culture with modern dance techniques. Students can learn from some of the best teachers while exploring Russian culture through their classes.


The Bolshoi Ballet Academy is without doubt one of the most famous and respected ballet schools in the world. It has produced some of history’s greatest dancers and its faculty consists of highly acclaimed names in classical ballet. The combination of traditional Russian culture with modern dance techniques makes it an ideal place for aspiring dancers to learn and grow.